Knitilda is a small business which was born out of my passion for knitting. 
I taught myself to knit as an adult and I really wish I had learnt how to knit as a child as I would have been able to tap into this wonderful world of creativity when I needed it.
Since learning how to knit, I have trained as a knitting instructor for children. I am an advocate for mental health and I truly believe that by 'making and creating' - helps us stay connected, inspired, motivated and engaged which supports mental health and emotional well-being. 
I am fully vetted (DBS verified), and I have been teaching Early Years Programmes for years. I am also a fully qualified teacher.
Knitilda operates from my home in Twickenham, London (TW1) where I live with my husband and two of my youngest daughters (also fully vetted with up to date DBS's), two furry cats - Bear & Tilly and two puppies - Max & Loki!
If you are interested in learning this wonderful craft - please make contact. I am looking forward to meeting you! 

About Knitilda

Acquiring a new skill for any age can be life changing. Learning how to recognise own achievements by working through challenges and developing problem solving skills, is incredibly rewarding. 

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Knitting supports fine-motor skills, maths and spacial recognition (understanding how things fit together), Knitting supports the ability to focus on a set task.

Educational Benefits

There is something special about sitting & knitting and being creative together; close friendships can easily form and thrive.


Knitting is a hobby that can be turned to throughout life. It provides a fun activity for leisure which can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends, but equally, knitting can be part of therapy during difficult times. The action of knitting, has often been linked to meditation and is well known to have both a calming and uplifting impacts. Studies have shown knitting can reduce symptoms of depression and the feeling of pain in patients with chronic illness. 

Life Enhancing


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